Sunday, 21 December 2008


yes, yes, yes...
I know.
I know.
And I had not forgotten...
I promised.
A long time ago.

It is just that you need the grab the right moment...
Not every moment is the rigth one.

But it came.
And I built it.

the different materials..

the wood, walnut...

the meter, an old bakalite Pillips kV meter...
60 is 12 hours...
needs a bit of getting used to..

the electronics...
a real little computer...


and inside

it's got your name on it...
and no.
it is not small..

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Time machines. Part II

To measure time I could use an old analogue panel voltmeter.

For centuries (well....) they've been used to indicate almost anything.
Why not time?
Not many very good reasons....
So left is the beginning of time, right is the end of time.
But then on a slightly tighter scale.

Need some electronics to tell the meters when to start and end.
A Very Slow Ramp Generator....

Difficult to build.
Start with something simpler.

Just seconds.

A life meter!

While you watch it, you're life is ticking away.
No escape.

Now for the complicated part.
Need a PIC.
With a program....

Build the mini circuit board.
Runs of a 9V battery.
And uses a real quartz.
Very precise!

I can see an hour passing by.
60 minutes divided into 100uA.
Next step!

Have some real PCB's made.

Looks nice and work better too.
Had to take the LED off....

Takes too much juice from the battery.
The neighbour gave me some old flight instruments.
The ideal combination.
Old wood
Old steel
Old meters.

Changed the programm.
The half-day-meter shows you exactly 12 hours.
There's more to measure.
next clock....